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Tidbit #1: Making CFM Apps work with big OS X Icons

Misc Downloads

Here's some stuff we've whipped up for ourselves
and thought might be useful to some of you out there.

Mac OS X

Text Coder Service 1.0
TextCoderService is a service plug-in that will convert data from one format to another in text, using the Services menu available in Mac OS X. More iformation can be found here.
Error Codes 1.0
Simple application that allows you to type in a Mac OS/Windows/VxWorks error code and get description strings for them.
DataCoder 1.0
Mac OS X application to convert between a variety of formats. Input can be in UTF-8 text, UTF-16 text, hex-encoded text, or base-64. Output can be in UTF-8 text, UTF-16 text, hex-encoded text, hex/ASCII text with 8, 16, or 32-bit chunks, base-64, Adler32 checksum (both standard and Apple variants), CRC32, MD5, or SHA-1.
Contextual Menu Plugin Reload X

AppleScript application that simply quits the Finder then re-launches it to cause Contextual Menu Plugins to automatically reload so you don't need to log out then log back in for new ones to show up.

CopyPath Contextual Menu Plugin

Mac OS X Contextual Menu Plugin to copy the full path/URL of file(s) selected in the Finder to the clipboard. Saves the hassle of having to manually type paths or use the Terminal to do it.
DeleteInvisibles Contextual Menu Plugin
Mac OS X Contextual Menu Plugin to delete invisible files inside the selected folder(s). This deletes the invisible "Icon\r" files generated by Mac OS 9 as well as the .DS_Store files generated by Mac OS X. Once the files are deleted, they cannot be recovered so use at your own risk.
Mac OS X application to enable and disable The Dock. Saves the hassle of manually moving/terminating The Dock from the Terminal to disable it and manually moving/starting The Dock from the Terminal to re-enable it.

Mac OS 9 Legacy Stuff

This app will reinitialize your ADB bus. Very useful if you unplug one ADB device and then plug in another (which is not recommended by Apple, but we all do it anyway).This function is part of our MacArmyKnife tool as well.
Extension Mapper

This little app will associate all files dropped on it, based on their extension, to a Macintosh applicaton. For example, all files with a ".txt" extension will get a type and creator code that associates it with Simpletext. This is handy if you get a lot of files that originated on the PC and do not have a correct icon (because of the missing type and creator codes). You can edit this application to map files to any application of your choosing if you get our File Manipulator application.

Maps a, bh, c, cc, cp, cpp, cpt, doc, fas, fth, gif, h, hh, hpp, hqx, html, jar, java, jpeg, jpg, m, make, mcp, mov, mp3, mpg, mpeg, of, p, pdf, pict, psd, r, rsrc, s, sit, txt, xls, zip, and files.

Eject Strip 1.0
Eject Strip is a Control Strip module to quickly and easily eject and inject CD's and DVD's.


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