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TuneHound is an iTunes utility allows you to view the current playing track in a small window that stays out of your way while you work. It allows you to run iTunes in the background without having to having the entire iTunes window visible to view the current track. It also enables you to rate the current song, control iTunes playback, and edit MP3 and AAC song information without having to use the iTunes window.

TuneHound requires Mac OS X, version 10.3.9 or later and iTunes, v4.0 or later.

Downloads and Purchases:

TuneHound is available for $9.95. To purchase, just click the 'Buy It Now' button!

Download TuneHound 1.1 (English)

Download TuneHound 1.1 (Japanese)

TuneHound 1.1 features:

  • View and edit/current track information from iTunes, without using the iTunes window.
  • Control iTunes playback from the TuneHound window.
  • Edit current track information metadata (ID3 + AAC) directly on the source file.
  • Customizable Hot Key to show/hide the window.

Screenshots of TuneHound in action:

TuneHound Window - The TuneHound Window shows you vital information about the current track playing in iTunes. You can modify that information directly in the window, and it will change the source file. You can also set the rating for a track, and control iTunes playback.

TuneHound vs iTunes - The TuneHound window is significantly smaller than the iTunes window, allowing you to see the current track info and getting that monster iTunes window out of the way while you work. The TuneHound window can be set to only show itself for a user specified number of seconds. You can also start/stop playback without ever going to iTunes itself.

TuneHound Window - The TuneHound window can be summoned and dismissed with a keystroke that you specify. It will also stay in the foreground while the TuneHound application itself is the frontmost process. This allows you to edit track information, or play/pause iTunes without the TuneHound disappearing from view before you are ready.

TuneHound graphic provided by Gabriel Moore of Automaton Design.

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