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Media Rage 3
A collection of powerful tools for media enthusiasts with a Macintosh using Mac OS X. Media Rage can read and write information stored in MP3, AAC/MP4, FLAC, AIFF, WAVE, BWF, and Ogg Vorbis audio files as well as EXIF (read only) tags in digital images. Media Rage can assist you in cataloging, organizing, sorting, and updating thousands of audio files with ease.

Media Rage 3 is available for the low price of $29.95. Users of any version of MP3 Rage or any previous version of Media Rage can upgrade for a nominal fee of $9.95. Upgrades and full versions can be purchased below, just click the 'Buy It Now' button.

Media Rage scored 4 out of 5 mice in MacWorld magazine!


For those wondering what the differences between Media Rage and MP3 Rage are, you can look here for a comparison chart.

Downloads and Purchases:

Media Rage is the perfect companion to any audio player, including iTunes, Audion, and more! Media Rage requires Mac OS X, version 10.5 or higher (10.6 or later recommended).

Download Media Rage 3.4.9 (English)

Download Media Rage 3.4.9 (Japanese)
Japanese translation provided by Pautha

Download Media Rage 2.1.1 (Spanish)
Spanish translation provided by Peter Walker.

Changes in 3.4.9:

- [Feature] Added many more data field destinations (e.g. Album Artist) to the Data Mover destination popups.

- [Feature] Added ability to Organize into a folder with a title made from meta data.

- [Feature] Added ability to convert colon characters in metadata to any other string in the Organizer output path.

- [Feature] Added support for ALBUMARTIST comments in FLAC files.

- [Bug Fix] Fix ability to detect some types of artwork in MP3s.

- [Bug Fix] Remove FLAC comment for compilation if the value is 0. This fixes the "Max" app.

- [Bug Fix] Fix album artist button in the Expression Designer.

- [Bug Fix] Fix crasher in Import/Export tool.

- [Bug Fix] Fix tooltip for Media Converter in the Toolbar.

Features in Media Rage (partial listing):

  • Supports reading and writing information in AAC, MP3 (all tag versions), FLAC, AIFF, WAVE, BWF, and Ogg Vorbis media files.
  • Read and display EXIF tags in image files.
  • Opens and plays any QuickTime compatible file.
  • Supports reading and writing Unicode data.
  • Fully multi-threaded, providing a responsive user experience.
  • Built for Mac OS X from the ground up, and adopts Mac OS X UI guidelines.
  • Dashboard and Toolbar windows allow quick access to all tools.
  • Duplicate finder - Find duplicate files in your collection, based on your criteria. Easily trash duplicates once found.
  • Catalog Creator - easily create catalogs of your files in a flexible manner.
  • Media Scrubber - allow quick viewing, comparing, copying, and in-line editing of your media files.
  • File Renamer - change filenames on disk based on data in media files.
  • Player - a simple player is included for sampling of songs without adding them to your iTunes library.
  • QuickEdit - modify the contents of MP3, AAC, FLAC, and Ogg audio files.
  • Multiple QuickEdit - modify batches of files in a few easy strokes.
  • Organizer - move, copy, link or alias a collection of files on your disk with ease.
  • Tool Chain - can run multiple tools sequentially
  • Data Changer - batch modify thousands of files in a single click!
  • Artwork Search - search the internet for artwork to add to your media files.
  • and much more!
Screenshots (actual product may differ as the product develops):

Artwork Search - easily search multiple sources on the internet to find high quality artwork to add to your media files. The tool displays all found results to enable you to choose the best artwork for your files. From there it is a one-step process to add the artwork to your files right within the tool window.

Tool Chain - The ToolChain window allows you to run many of Media Rage's powerful tools sequentially, saving you valuable time!

Album Browser - view audio media files by artist/album, and easily modify an album's artwork. Using the drag and drop interface and built-in artwork search button, adding artwork to ALL files in an album is now easier than ever!

FreeDB Tagger - Search the FreeDB database for artist, albums, or songs, and then using the results, add or update the information in your files painlessly in seconds!

QuickEdit - Lets you quickly edit data in MP3, AAC, FLAC, BWF, AIFF, WAVE, and Ogg Vorbis audio files. You can also view EXIF tags in digital image files, and view any file openable by QuickTime. Yellow coloring (optionally) indicates what has changed about a particular file.

Mutliple QuickEdit - Lets you quickly edit data in multiple audio files in quick succession. Pin static fields to easily fill subsequent files.



Organizer - If you have a need to sort audio content into folders in any order you want (Type, Genre, Artist, Album, Artist, Year, etc.), the Organizer is just what you are looking for!. It also has the option to just create aliases or symbolic links to the files instead of moving the originals so you can create multiple views of your files, sorted in different order without touching your originals.

Before Organizing, you have a confusing mess of badly named and unorganized files and folders:







You update your media file data, and then setup the Organizer tool:


And then after processing, you have an eye-pleasing, organized file layout on your disk:

Data Changer - rapidly change the information of hundreds of files, convert mp3 tags to different formats, add artwork to an entire album in a single shot, and much more. Here's a shot of the Data Changer, ready to change all specified files with the selected attributes:

Convert Filenames To Data - Using your disk's folder layout and your media file names, you can construct tags and data for your media files! Use powerful regular expression to parse all relevant information out of your filenames.

Media Scrubber - this tool is handy for viewing many files side-by-side, and allows in-line editing of data in any file. You can also easily send files to the trash, copy them to a different location, edit multiple files, and more.

File Renamer - like your files to be named in a very specific way, based on information found within your Media Files? The File Renamer is your friend, allowing you to rename thousands of files based on data found in your media files, in any way you want. You can set whether or not to use leading zeros, filename compatibility, etc.

Media Rage logo and artwork by Gabriel Moore of Automaton Design

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