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File Manipulator

File Manipulator is the ultimate file/folder manipulation utility. It allows you to create self-contained Droplets to Move, Copy, Delete, and Rename files/folders, Change File Types and Creators, Log files, and more. You can limit which files are manipulated using a variety of powerful criteria, including Size, Label, Name, Attributes, Comments, Image Type, Version, etc. File Manipulator and the Droplets created by it run natively on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

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2.0.2 change history:

  • Fixed problem wth moving or copying folders.

2.0.1 change history:

  • Fixed problem with Droplets being launched in Classic.

2.0 change history:

  • File Manipulator and the Droplets created by it now run natively on Mac OS X (Mac OS 9 is still fully supported though).

Here's a few screenshots:

First, you create a Manipulator Droplet, which contains "Missions". Each mission has a unique task, whether it be to move a file, change it's name, etc.

Here is an example mission, as seen in the above list. As you can see, it will look to see if the name of the file ends with ".mp3", and if it does, it will assign the file's Type and Creator code to that of MacAmp, or 'mAmp'. The missions are executed in order, so they can be chained together to create a very powerful droplet.

Here's a list of the Actions that can be applied to files:

Here's a snapshot of the "Move" action. It lets you move files to specific folders (e.g. Apple Menu Items folder or any other folder). You can also create sub-folders within folders as this action creats a "Special Items" folder inside the Apple Menu Items folder. Relative pathnames are fully supported so you can navigate through the entire folder hierarchy to move a file anywhere:

Here's a snapshot of the "Rename - Number" action that lets you re-number files in a almost any way imaginable:


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