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MAK is a project that is on an evolutionary path. It is meant to be a "catch all" for mini-utilities and things that other apps don't do. You might find something to help out users, developers, and everyone under the sun. So launch the app, and see what it can do for you! If you find it has something of your liking, then please don't forget it's shareware. If it doesn't have anything you need, then check back in a future rev, as we might have added something you need. If there is some utility-esque function that you think it's crying out for, please send us your suggestion. We can't guarantee it'll be implemented, but it can't hurt to ask!

Download Mac Army Knife 2.8
(Native on MacOS and MacOS X)

Japanese users:

Download the Mac Army Knife 2.8J
(Provided by Pautha)

Mac Army Knife can be yours for only $24.95. Included in that cost are technical support and a money-back satisfaction guarantee! Click the button to the left to purchase it from our secure on-line store!


New in 2.8:

  • Added scroll wheel support.
  • Added OSX Contextual Menu plug ins -
    ChangeLineEndings - allows you to change line endings of any file
    CopyPath - select any file and copy it's full path to the clipboard
    DeleteInvisibles - remove all Finder-invisible files from a folder
    GroupItemsInFolder - put all selected items in a named subfolder
  • Built with the latest Powerplant / Codewarrior.
  • Made "Reveal in Finder" buttons work in the various dialogs.

PowerPC Macintosh, MacOS 8.6 or higher.

Awesome MAK logo graphic provided by Gabriel Moore of Array Services.


Here's a small sample of the capabilities of Mac Army Knife. This first picture shows the Dashboard interface, which allows easy access to all MAK functions:

This is a shot of the Process Manager, which allows you to quit processes en masse or singly, or get detailed process information about each item, including how much memory they are using, and what their attributes are (this information is available via the "Get Info" button).

The Value Converter is every developer's dream: convert any value into any other. You can also take any value and AND, XOR, MOD, etc. with any other type of value.Check it out:

It also has a very useful Macintosh System Error list. Search for any arbitrary value or error number, and instantly get the error definition:


The Display Memory dialog is also great for developers who want to dump memory from a specific location, without using MacsBug or some other debugger type program.

There's so much more to MacArmyKnife! Download it and try it now!

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