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Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager is a Control Strip module for Macintosh computers running Mac OS 9 and a Dockling for Macintosh computers running Mac OS X (10.1 or later required). Clipboard Manager allows you to create multiple clipboards, switch between clipboards on-the-fly, and provide persistent clipboards across reboots.

Get Clipboard Manager 1.0 Now!

(Native for Mac OS 9 and X)

Requirements: For Mac OS: 9.0 or later; For Mac OS X: 10.1 or later.

$20 Shareware. Purchase Now!
$200 Site License
$500 Multi-Site License

The application popup-menu in action of Mac OS X:

Some Screenshots from Mac OS 9:

The "Rename Clipboard" dialog

The control strip plugin at work on Mac OS 9.

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